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Goode Engineering can provide you with an unbiased structural inspection of your homes foundation. We are not associated with any foundation repair contractor.

Our inspection includes an on-site visit by a Texas registered professional engineer, a written report, and a repair plan if needed. If piers are needed to correct foundation deflection, the report will specify the number of piers, their locations, and type of piers. This foundation report can be used to obtain estimates from foundation repair contractors. If requested, we can guide you to contractors we consider to be doing the best repair work in the DFW area.

Because our report is sealed by a professional engineer, it can be used by contractors to obtain a city permit. This saves you the fee from the contractor for an engineers report. This foundation report also meets lender requirements (including FHA and VA) when selling or buying a home.

If you suspect problems with your homes foundation, please call us first. Foundation reports can almost always be emailed the same day as the inspection.